JOHR Vol. 1 Issue 2


Immunotherapy of Head & Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma: Emerging of a New Era

Dr. Puja Bansal

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Prevalence of Smokeless Tobacco habits among Oral cancer patients attending Karnataka Cancer Treatment and Research Institute, Hubli, Karnataka, India- A Retrospective Hospital based study

Dr. Priyadarshini H. R, Dr. S. S. Hiremath, Dr. Bennete Fernandes

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Psoriasis and Hypertension Link

Dr. Puja Bansal, Dr. Pankaj Bansal, Dr. Manmohan Lohra

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Management Strategies for Aspiration of Dental Prosthesis

Prof. Dr. Dilip Kumar Nath, Dr. Gautam Bagchi, Prof. Dr. Suresh Chandra, Dr. Gaurav Chandra, Dr. Madhuri Nath, Varun Arora

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Immunohistochemistry : An Overview

Prof. Dr. Kalyani Bhargava, Prof. Dr. Deepak Bhargava, Dr. Mayura Paul, Prof. Dr. V.K. Hazarey

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Oral Tuberculosis as Primary Manifestation: Report of four cases

Dr. Mandeep Kaur, Prof. Dr. Susmita Saxena

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Aberrancies in the mesial root of mandibular first molars A Case report and literature review

Dr. Saurabh S. Chandra, Dr. Supriya Chandra, Prof. Dr. Gita Shukla

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Sturge Weber Syndrome: A Case Report & Review of Literature

Dr. Shamimul Hasan, Dr. Kausar J. Khwaja

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Management of Root Amputated Maxillary Molar Teeth: Endodontic and Prosthetic Considerations – A Case Report

Dr. Ashish Choudhary, Dr. Ekta Choudhary

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